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Sit and Slim

Sit and Slim

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Burly Kind Formula 
Flabby Kind Formula 
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Sit and Slim,Sit and Slim Diet Pills,Sit Slim

Sit and Slim have two versions:

Burly Kind Formula  is suit for burly obesity

Flabby Kind Formula  is suit for flabby obesity

Please choose the sit&slim diet pills according to your own type of obesity.

What is Burly kind : Fat mainly gather on waist,belly,back and the upper arm,and the muscle on these area is excess  muscular, tubby tum is too many,and cellulite is not Obviously.But there are a lot fat attach on muscle,it  seems thick,so the people looks strong.

What is Flabbly kind :There are less muscle on waist,belly,back,where mainly are fat,these area are soft and  loose,lack of elasticity,the reason is because lacking of sport.


Sit and Slim help losing weight and burning fat being gained in sedentary lifestyle.
In the modern life, people favoring high calorie foods without regular exercise in sedentary job gives rise to weight gain, fat accumulation, leading to obesity with round shape, saggy body in lower part and slow metabolic rate. Heat consumption and fat distribution with staying a long lasting imbalance during higher input than output results in outbreak of serious diseases.

Sit and Slim is containing absolutely natural ingredients produced by USA Authority recognized Organic manufacturer, which is guaranteed without adding preservatives, chemicals, artificial color and genetically modified organism (GMO). Sit and Slim, the NO.1 choice in the USA,is natural and safe. It is suitable for all diet people as well as vegetarian and green favorite people for their safety and longevity.


By sitting down and not moving you're actually decreasing your blood circulation and increasing the fat in the lower part of your body.

Sit and Slim works in conjunction with a COPAG formula to keep your metabolism up and moving whilst keeping your lymphatic system active and boosting your energy consumption, so that you lose 8 pounds in only 2 weeks.

Sit Diet can shred a load of excess fat, which can also block sugar & starch from transforming into fat, eliminate fluid retention, and control your appetite. Sit and Slim is suitable for vegetarians.

Natural and botanical ingredients in Sit Diet can help you losing weight, shaping up and additionally help you refresh stamina with self-esteem and appeal.The ingredients enhancing the metabolic rate and fat-burning even without regular exercise can help your body perfect.

The long lasting effect of
Sit and Slim will consecutively keep your body in perfect shape and leanness so as to show your attractive waist and hips with self-esteem. In addition to shaping up, it can help you to release the stress in coping with weariness and prevent form delicious temptation.



Garcinia Cambogia containing HCA to control appetite, may associate with decreased food intake, reduced weight gain and increased energy expenditure by fat degradation into fat metabolites in Urine.

Opuntia Cactus has very strong Lipophilic capacity to bind fat irreversibly, forming a gel with fat to full up stomach and to be excreted out of body. Opuntia also showed the hypoglycemic effect, because of an increased sensitivity to insulin.

Phaseolus Vulgaris has been shown in vitro to inhabit the digestive enzyme Alpha-Amylase, leading to block the absorption of sugar and starch.

Ginseng Extract containing Ginsenosides significantly enhances carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, consistent with the increased basal metabolic rate to consume more calorie and to give rise to stamina, as well as with the stimulation of the liprotein-lipase to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

Green Tea Extract containing EGCG can increase in brown adipose tissue thermogenesis, basal metabolic rate and reduce the cholesterol and triglycerides resulting in higher lean ratio and balance of blood viscosity.

Freely acquire various slimming effects

-Burn TRANS fat consecutively in 24 Hours
-Block the absorption if sugar grease, starch
-Cut 55o calories per day
-Stimulate micro-circulation leading to stamina and health
-Improve the lean ratio
-Enhance the weight-loss and shape-up
-Firm and slim waist, arm, thighs and legs



Sit and Slim Ingredients:
Nopal, CitrinHCA, Green Tea Extract, American ginseng, White Kidney Bean Extract, Excipient(Magnesium Stearate),Excipient (Vegetable Cellulose).

Usage and dosage:One capsule/day.
Specialfication:60 capsule per box

[Suitable Crowds]

1.With sitting always give rise to over-weight and obesity.

2.Without regular exercise.

3.With saggy muscle leads to pear shape.

4.With desire to shape up body in short-cut applications.

5.For high cholesterol and fat.

6.For Male and Female.

Storage Condition:Store in cooling place without direct sunlight and keep away from children.



[Frequently Asked Questions]

Q: What is Sit and Slim different from the general slimming product on the market?

A: Sit and Slim containing natural ingredients from the global herbs which are classified as safe as functional food ingredients, will not cause at risk of diarrhea, drug-dependence. Its unique recipe is formulated to people with sedentary life and help to shape up body without a regular exercise. Additionally, it help to consume calories with enhancing metabolic rate and block the absorption of sugar, grease, starch leading to smooth circulation and refreshment.

Q: What is it sensed after or during in the application?

A: Sit and Slim containing natural ingredients which are classified as a supplement, may burn the calorie through enhancing metabolic rate and circulation. You may sense stamina without weariness during the lipoysis in your body cells.

Q: How long does it take to get the visible result?

A: During the first 7 days, you may feel refreshed, vanished weariness, energetic and stamina. After 3 weeks, visible weight loss, lean waist, thighs and legs may be seen. An attractive shape without clumsy movement and with refreshment will be your belongings.

Q: Why do not people get the effective slimming result in a general method?

A: It is because the people will usually stop consecutive administrative when they get the preliminary performance and back to the indulgence in the food temptation or even worse. Although slimming supplements can definitely help losing weight, over-eating without control will counteract their effects, leading to obesity. You are advised to control your eating without taking your meals with the high calorie so as to lose your fat effectively and pleasantly.




Sit and Slim,Sit and Slim Diet Pills,Sit Slim


Author: a-beauty
Date added: 03/28/2015, 03:14


thanks for your real sit and slim. it works for me. i bought fake ones from before.

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