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Tengda Diet Pills

Tengda Diet Pills

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Tengda Diet Pills,Instant Slim


Tengda Diet Pills is refined by koncing, fenugreek, guaranaine, apple, kiwi, lemon, orange and so on with modern technology. You can only take small dosage and have the fast effect. The most important is safe and nontoxic. You can rise your hip when losing the fat of waist rapidly because the fruit formula of rising hip contains a lot of pectin, plant collagen and varieties of microelements such as vitamin C, potassium. They’re good for rising hip to let you have a beautiful figure.

Being proved by modern medical research, human obesity is due to excess heat absorption. Small intestine transforms excess calories into fat which is stored around the small intestine. So, there's a folk version about one has a prominent belly first when he becomes fat. Then the arms and legs become hypertrophy . They influence our beauty and health. International weight loss authority proposed the latest theory on losing belly fat first.

Tengda Diet Pills Work Features
1. Safe and healthy. 
2. Rise hip and reduce the fat of belly. There's no rebound.
3. International trend, fruit flavor. 
4. You can see the effect on that day.
5. Losing belly fat specially.
6. It's easy to take . One capsule a day.

Tengda Diet Pills Ingredients]: Koncing, fenugreek, guaranaine, kiwi, konjac extract, sweet potato cellulose.
Tengda Diet Pills Functions]: Rise hip . Lose weight , especially for belly fat.
Tengda Diet Pills Suitable Group]: This product is for the simple obesity, the stubborn obesity and several people who fail to lose weight many times, especially for belly obesity.
Tengda Diet Pills Usage & Dosage]: 1 capsule every time, once a day. Please take the capsule before or after breakfast.
Tengda Diet Pills Cautions]: Children, pregnant women, patients who get heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, renal and one who has family history of stroke can ‘t take the product.

Tengda Diet Pills other informations:

Specification: 6 capsules * 300mg * 5 boards
Contents(in each 100g): flavone ≧200mg.
Shelf life: 24 months.
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place with airproof.
Approval number: food sanitation certificate number (2000) No.0921
Operative norm: Q/TD02-2000
Manufacturer: Guangzhou Tengda Biological Technology Co., LTD
Address: No.98, Hi-tech Developmental District, Tianhe, Guangzhou

 Tengda Diet Pills --- Tengda Diet Pills --- Tengda Diet Pills

Author: alevalen
Date added: 03/26/2015, 19:55


Excellent , good seller , good product
Author: elizabeth mayoliz
Date added: 03/26/2015, 00:05


this is my second order. great product
Author: Rota
Date added: 02/25/2014, 15:27


Im not in a diet or doing exercise and cant believe it a list 10 lb in 2 weeks
Author: Tria Vang
Date added: 06/15/2012, 07:13


i love this it really work with my busy life!
Author: gloria
Date added: 04/17/2012, 05:59


Me and a couple of my friends have lost lots of weght! I lost 15 in 3 weeks!!
Author: linda fick
Date added: 03/23/2012, 04:05


I have taken this as well it is good!
Author: Txgirl
Date added: 12/29/2011, 06:54


works!!! thank you
Author: elitegrl
Date added: 12/29/2011, 06:53


Finished the first box teng diet pills, and lost 3 inches on the waist and 2 inches on the hip. Great Product, no side effect at all. Highly Recommended!
Author: Jhe
Date added: 12/29/2011, 06:53


I just use this pills 1-2 weeks and I'm amazed that I am really loosing pounds even faster. I eat whenever I wanna eat, less exercise & snacks whenever I want too (but not all the time). And my weight is still going down, I was like Wow!!!
Author: raerae8
Date added: 12/29/2011, 06:53


have tried many diet pills. I have struggled with my weight for a long time. I ordered these about two weeks ago. I lost 5 pounds in two weeks. I didnt exercise or anything. This does curbe your appetite. I ate small portions and felt full. I rarely get the feeling that I am hungary anymore. I suggest you to try this product. I think Tengda Diet Pills works great!!!!

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